FAQ on Choosing Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Q: What is the difference between “sympathy” and “funeral” flowers?
A: Funeral arrangements are sent to the funeral home. They are a formal way to honour the life and pay respect to a special someone. Sympathy flowers on the other hand are usually sent to the home of a family who has suffered a loss. They are a reminder of your
sincere care and convey your wishes for peace. Sympathy flowers are usually smaller than the funeral arrangements.

Q: Are there any flowers that are not suitable to be sent as funeral flowers?
A: Flowers of any kind can be sent to a funeral service as any floral arrangement that is tastefully created is appropriate to express your heartfelt emotions and deliver your message of deep appreciation. Keep in mind that arrangements which are prone to fall over
should be avoided.

Q: Are there colours which are more appropriate for the funeral flowers?
A: The colour of the funeral flowers depends on your personal preferences or on the most favourite colour of the deceased. The colour can also be selected depending on its particular meaning. These are some examples of the colour meaning:
● white flowers symbolize innocence and spirituality;
● blue flowers bring a calming and peaceful feeling;
● red roses represent love and courage;
● purple is considered to be the colour of royalty and admiration.

Q: What kind of funeral arrangement should I choose?
A: Funeral arrangements vary in their size and design. Some of the most popular choices include:
Heart Tributes
Heart-shaped tributes are a lovely way to express your warmest feelings and sincere love to a special someone. They are usually sent by close relatives.
Casket sprays
Casket sprays are usually the main family tribute which is placed on the coffin.
Crosses & Cushions
Crosses and cushions are traditionally sent by close relatives.
Wreaths are widely preferred funeral arrangements because of their circular shape which symbolizes the circle of life.
Posies are round arrangements that are traditionally send by distant relatives or younger children.
Floral baskets can be sent both as sympathy and funeral flowers.
Custom tributes
You can also choose to send more personal tribute such as a letter tribute. This is a lovely way to express your deep love and caring thoughts.

Q: How to arrange the delivery of the funeral flowers?
A: It is better to send the funeral flowers to the funeral home directors. If it is not an option, the arrangement could be sent to a home
address. However, deliveries to crematorium or place of worship are not recommendable as there is often nobody to receive the
flowers. You can order the arrangement to be delivered for the next day. Next day delivery is available for orders placed before 4pm.

Q: There is something else I would like to ask.
A: At Handy Flowers we understand the difficulty each of us goes through during a time of loss. Don't hesitate to call our team to ask whatever questions you might have in regards to your floral needs. We are here to discuss your requirements and answer your questions. Please contact us on 020 3409 3030 or write to us at [email protected] to make an enquiry.